Author: Richard Fritzson

Goodbye To Rev. Neal Jones


As we all know by now, Rev. Neal Jones will be leaving us at the end of December. Because of COVID-19 we were unable to have a party celebrating his ministry with us. Many people got a chance to say goodbye to Neal during coffee … read more.

UU the VOTE Wisconsin News

August 31, 2020
Nora Rasman, WI Organizer

Hello friends!

What a weekend. It’s an all hands on deck moment – from the streets and our neighborhoods to online actions and canvasses – and we need you to join us as we support folks registering and voting safely in … read more.

UU the VOTE Rapid Response

August 28, 2020

Dear ones,

We are hearing from many of you loud and clear: we are ready, what can we do?
To which we answer: Hallelujah! Let’s go!

We have a lot of ways you can help, this week and in the weeks to come. After Labor … read more.

Power and Internet Outage at MLUC

Last week the church lost a tree during the windstorm. The tree fall resulted in a loss of power (since restored) and a loss of internet (still out).





The tree was located close to S Valley Forge Rd at the edge of the upper parking lot. … read more.

Food Parade

On Saturday, May 30 MLUC held a FOOD PANTRY PARADE at church. Members brought non-perishable food & basic toiletries do drop off at MLUC.


… read more.