Author: Neal Jones

We’re All in the Same Boat Now…Or Maybe Not

In some conversations since this pandemic began, I have caught myself saying, “Well, we’re all in the same boat now.” But the piece below from an anonymous writer has made me stop saying this. It has reminded me of what should be obvious—that none of us experience … read more.

A Larger Sense of Self

In a sermon recently, I spoke about different ways we may understand ourselves as a person. The smallest definition of self is made up purely of ego. This definition is essentially self-centeredness, seeing oneself as a separate, individualistic entity. That’s the kind of self that is encouraged … read more.

Social Action This Year

Thanks mainly to the dedication of Lisa Jochum, our social action at MLUC over the past couple of years has focused mainly on antiracism work in book discussions, screening films, hosting Jubilee workshops, and teaching Beloved Conversations classes. This year, however, we are expanding our … read more.

Grateful Faces

Whenever I ask someone these days, “How are you?” the answer is almost always the same: “I’m too busy!” There’s no question that this is a particularly busy time of the year, but busy seems to be the best description of our lives throughout the … read more.

Farewell to Jan Cauffman

I suspect I’m not the only one around here who feels both happy and sad about Jan Cauffman’s departure as our Parish Nurse. I’m happy that she is heading in an exciting new direction in this later chapter of her life, pursuing what she calls … read more.

Death by Incarceration

Did you know that Pennsylvania is one of the few states left in the country which still mandates life-without-parole for first- and second-degree homicide? In fact, Pennsylvania has the 2nd largest population sentenced to life-without-parole in America. Of these 5,300 inmates, most committed their crimes … read more.