And, the nominees are ….


Nominees for the Board of Trustees and the Nominating Committee

Petitions available for signing on May 7, 2023
Vote on June 11, 2023


Barbara Colton, nominated for a three year term to the Board of Trustees, (2023-2026)
Barbara came to MLUC in 2008 looking for a moral and religious foundation for her children and a community that shares her family’s values. As a multi-racial family, she was so moved by the accepting feel in the church, she returned with her family, her husband, Mark Chandler, and daughters Kyra (now 25) and Alyssa (now 21), and she has been involved ever since.

While her children were in the religious education program, Barbara became active in the youth evening programs and for nearly 8 years served on the Youth Advisory Committee in varying capacities as organizer, advisor, Dark Waters aficionado, and head of the committee.

Barbara and her family fell in love with the community experience at the church weekend retreat at Tockwogh and the opportunity for the entire family to make connections with kids and adults of all ages. She served on the Tockwogh committee for several years and then co-led the development of the cluster-wide UU Community Weekend (Camp Canadensis) with MLUC and Philadelphia area churches for 3 years to encourage intergenerational community within MLUC.

She has served on several other committees, including the Worship Committee, the St. David’s Nursery School Committee, the Auction Committee, and the Nominating Committee. Over the past two years, she has enjoyed welcoming visitors at the Welcome Desk and working closely with the Afghan refugee family to help them adjust to life in America and find employment. This church year, Barbara chaired the Ministerial Search Committee.

Barbara enjoys travel, group games and spending time with family and friends. She also likes to take long walks at Haverford College with her dog Skittles.

John Smith, nominated for a three year term to the Board of Trustees, (2023-2026)
John has been an active member of MLUC since 1980. He and Susan have raised three sons here, and he has variously been the church’s Moderator, sung in the choir, helped in fundraising, and preached some four sermons from its pulpit. John regards MLUC first and foremost as a place of spiritual nourishment. We come to this place seeking inspiration at the deepest level of our being. Happily, we get to do this surrounded by a loving community, a community of which we are partly beneficiary and partly co-creator. Here we find meaning and an impetus to social action. 

Professionally, John has been an attorney and has had leadership roles in many civic organizations. Recently, he has written two memoirs. He is currently working on a novel about the war in Vietnam, based on his experiences there as a naval officer in the 1960s.

Deidre Gordon, nominated for a three year term to the Board of Trustees, (2023-2026)
Deirdre has been a member of MLUC for thirteen years. She served on the Offering Outreach Committee for nine years, including one year as Chair. She was a member of the Senior Minister Search Committee in 2022/2023. She has served as a green striper since joining MLUC and enjoys volunteering with other church members in watershed clean up days.

Deirdre graduated from Susquehanna University and earned a master’s in social work at Bryn Mawr College. She worked for Children and Youth Services of Delaware County, the county’s child protection agency, for 41 years. In the ten years leading up to her retirement in 2020, she was the agency’s Director. She also served as a board member of the Pennsylvania Children and Youth Administrators.

Interested in nature and the environment, Deirdre enjoys volunteering as a community scientist, collecting data on the health of Darby Creek for the Darby Creek Valley Association and the Watershed Program of the Willistown Conservation Trust. She is a vegetable and flower gardener and loves hiking in local preserves. She lives in Newtown Square with her husband, Lloyd Cole, who also is an MLUC member.

Joe Lipton, nominated for a one year term to the Board of Trustees, (2023-2024)
Joe and his wife Donna Monturo have been attending MLUC since April 2001. Their adult son Jacob was raised in the church. Long-time residents of Wayne, they relocated to Chester Springs in May 2022. Joe was brought up in the Jewish faith but as an adult sought a more inclusive faith community with an unlimited world view. Over the years Joe has served or participated in MLUC’s Father and Son Group, Men’s Group, Youth Adult Committee (YAC), Bookkeeper, Men’s Book Group, Men’s Breakfast Group, Annual Auction, Board Member and Finance Chair. He is a retired financial executive and is presently the Treasurer of MLUC as he’s been for most of the past ten years. He is also a former President of Interfaith Hospitality Network of the Main Line (IHN), now rebranded Family Promise, with whom he still volunteers and is a Financial Advisor.

Nancy McDowell, nominated for a two year term to the Board of Trustees, (2023-2025)
Nancy and her husband Peter joined MLUC in 2002, after Nancy’s job transferred her back to her hometown. Their initial goal was to expose their two young children, Tyler and Julia, to the values of a liberal church. It wasn’t long before they developed their own love for and commitment to MLUC. As the kids went through RE all the way up to being presidents of their respective YRUU youth groups, Nancy participated as teacher, RE Committee member, then member of the Board of Trustees—all while working full time running a private investment firm. Nancy continued her commitment to the church through a stint as Vice Chair of the Capital Campaign and chair of the QC2 Committee. After her retirement in 2021, she joined the Nominating Committee to help elect Church leaders and the current Search Committee. She looks forward to contributing again as a veteran Board member.

Barbara Welsh, nominated for a two year term to the Board of Trustees, (2023-2025)
Barbara, her husband Dusty, and two sons Alex and Teddy began attending MLUC in 1976. Her first church involvement was co- teaching several church school classes. Other MLUC contributions have been with Sunday speakers, holiday workshops, close to 20 years as a personnel committee member and chair, many pledge campaigns, ushering, greeting, helping with numerous social events and serving on three search committees. Current committees are Partner Church Committee, which was inspired after a trip to visit our Várfalva, Transylvania, Romania, partners; Family Promise, MLUC choir, MLUC book group and Coming of Age mentor.

Barbara earned her undergraduate degree at Northwestern University and a masters degree in information/library science at Drexel. Her career was as the placement director in the information college at Drexel. She also has responsibilities with the Radnor Township League of Women Voters.

Barbara and her husband Dusty hiked and sometimes backpacked in national parks from Alaska to Hawaii to Isle Royale to Everglades and most of the parks in between, as well as hiking in international locations.

Carol Hillman, nominated for a two year term to the Board of Trustees, (2023-2025)
Carol has been a UU and a member of MLUC for 20 years. She is so happy to have found a place for herself and family to ask and explore all the questions. Carol is married to JB and has been active in the church for many years. Carol started out teaching church school and then was a member of the Church School committee, the most recent capital campaign, small group ministry, and auction committees.

She has taken advantage of many adult ed and other volunteer opportunities such as Jubilee, helping hands, Holiday workshop, various dinners, musical performances, and the all-church weekends. She has two daughters, Taylor and Vaughn, who grew up in this church and participated in the youth groups.

Carol loves being outdoors, hiking, biking, walking, skiing, or just reading a book.

Betsy Plume, nominated for a three year term to the Nominating Committee, (2023-2026)
Betsy and her husband Ken Rainey joined MLUC in 2010. Betsy’s career was in technical writing. She is an avid bicycle rider, mountain hiker, and tennis player. She remains an active student of French culture, language and literature. She and Ken enjoy their blended family of five children and nine grandchildren. Betsy is a member of SGM, the Membership Committee,  and with Ken co-chairs the Offering Outreach Committee.

Jess Michael, nominated for a three year term to the Nominating Committee, (2023-2026)
Jess came to MLUC in 2012 from Washington DC where she was a member at UUCA (Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington) and an OWL teacher. She came to MLUC looking for a place to continue teaching and she’s been on our 8 th /9 th  Grade OWL teaching team ever since. Jess has served on the Membership Committee, the Committee on Ministry Health, and recently on the Board of Trustees as VP for one year and then President for two.  

Outside of MLUC, Jess can be found jogging all over Devon and Wayne, heading to her parent’s farm to see the dogs, cat, and chickens, or on a trip to see nieces and nephews.