Giving and Receiving

From you I receive,
To you I give,
Together we share,
And from this we live.

-- Rabbi Nathan Segal


Giving and Receiving is a part of every relationship.

The ministry of Main Line Unitarian Church is as strong as the support given by our members and friends.

On this page you can learn about the ways in which you can give to support our church, and, you can also learn how the church uses the money it receives from you.



"We should demand a faith that asks something of us, not settle for one that requires very little."

~  Michael Durall

Annual Pledge Campaign

Each year, members and friends of our congregation make an annual pledge of support. This pledge supports the operation of the church during the coming fiscal year. The operations budget pays the salaries of our staff, maintains our building and pays the utilities, and funds our community building, religious education, and social justice programs.

The annual pledge campaign happens in the Spring. Pledges made at this time are in support of the fiscal year beginning on July 1st. People who have recently joined or started pledging, may make a pledge for the remainder of the current fiscal year, which ends in June.
In either case, you can make a pledge on-line, by clicking here  ->  Get Started

If you have already made a pledge, and would like to arrange for automatic payments of your pledge, you can login to the church's website here → Login and then find the Give Online button in the "My Giving Summary" box.

If you would prefer to make a pledge by mail, you can of course do this by writing directly to the church. If you’d like to make a pledge in person, you can call our minister, Rev Neal Jones, or our executive director, Richard Fritzson.


Capital Campaign

Our church building was constructed in 1991, after a fire consumed nearly all of the previous building. In 2014, we launched a five year Building on a Legacy of Love campaign to fund much-needed building repairs and to complete upgrades which would enrich our programs and better support our mission. So far we have raised nearly $3.5 million dollars in pledges and the campaign is continuing to accept new pledges even as the implementation work is proceeding.

If you would like to talk about the capital campaign, or are considering making a pledge of support, please contact the campaign chair, Dana Wiley (  ).

If you have made a capital campaign pledge and would like to arrange to pay it online, you can login to the church's website here → Login and then find the Give Online button in the "My Giving Summary" box.


Legacy Gifts

A legacy is a gift from one generation to the next. It is a gift from the heart -- a reflection of one’s deepest values, a chance to help shape the future.


Like many of our members, you may feel moved to sustain the church that has been a positive influence on your life. By including MLUC in your estate plans, you will help ensure a vibrant future for our congregation for generations to come.


Legacy gifts can be directed for specific purposes, for example they may be directed toward MLUC’s general endowment, or they may be left directly to the church to be applied directly where they are most needed. The choice is yours.


For more information about legacy giving, please read the legacy brochure. If you’ve decided to include MLUC in your will, we would like to welcome you to the MLUC Legacy Circle.  Please share your plans with the Legacy & Endowment Committee by completing and returning the Legacy Circle reply form.  Thank you!

Receiving  -  your support at work

For years we’ve hung the monthly financials on a bulletin board by the church’s office door for anyone interested to read. This quaint practice was important because our financial reports should always be visible to all of our members. You donate most of the church’s money; you vote on how we should spend it; you should be able to see that it is being spent correctly and effectively.

Now, we are doing our best to make this information available on-line.

Annual Budget and Operations

Each year, at the annual meeting in May or June, the congregation votes to approve the budget for the new fiscal year which begins in July. The budget is prepared by the staff, in collaboration with committee chairs and the finance team and then approved by the board of trustees before being sent to members in advance of the annual meeting.

Each month, our staff generates a monthly operating statement which shows how we are doing against the approved budget.

At the end of the fiscal year, after the books are closed, we also generate a year end operating statement, along with a balance sheet, which gives us a financial “state of the church” as of the end of the fiscal year.

All of these documents can be found on line here → public financial repository.

Capital Renewal Projects

The Building on a Legacy of Love campaign is a five year campaign begun in 2014. While money was accumulating through regular contributions from people who had pledged support for the campaign, many teams were created to plan the renewal projects which the campaign would fund.


In 2015 we began to slowly spend some of the capital campaign funds on badly needed repairs. In 2016, planning began on larger projects and special features such as the improved sound and media handling in the Main Meeting Room were installed. However the year 2017 saw major projects completed including the replacement of the windows and stucco, renovation of many interior rooms, installation of air conditioning in all public spaces, a stormwater management tank, handicapped parking and more.  You can watch the most recent summary of this work here  -> 2017 Capital Renovation Summary

MLUC Endowment Funds


The MLUC unrestricted endowment fund was set up to support multiple aspects of the church’s mission. Each year a modest percentage (currently 5%) of the fund value can be used to support community outreach and other special MLUC programming, or it can be used to support the wider mission of Unitarian Universalism, or, when needed, for capital improvements to our church’s property.

Distributions from the unrestricted fund are made annually with the approval of the Board of Trustees.

There are two restricted endowment funds, the Patzau Fund and the Greeley Fund.

The Patzau Fund can be used to help improve parent/children relationships or to help a child adjust to his or her environment. It can be used, at the sole discretion of the minister, to help families and children from the greater Philadelphia community through the use of trained counseling professionals.

The Greeley Fund can be used to pay for the employ and training of intern ministers at Main Line Unitarian Church.

The balances of the endowment funds can be found here → public financial repository.

The spending of endowment funds is normally accounted for in the annual operating budget.