Upcoming Services

MLUC holds one service each Sunday at 10:00 a.m. unless otherwise noted.worship

November 4: The Fear Factor
Rev. Dr. Neal R. Jones
Music: MLUC Choir
As we approach election day, we are very much aware that our politics is driven by fear, which, in turn, infects our personal lives. What are the beneficial and harmful consequences of fear, and how might we free ourselves from fear?

November 11: What Now?

Rev. Dr. Neal R. Jones
Music: Deborah Reeder, cello
When bad things happen to us, we are prone to ask, "Why me?" Whereas asking "Why me?" is a deadend road, asking "What now?" takes the open road.

November 18: The Bread of Life
Music: Multigenerational Choir

Dawn Star Sarahs-Borchelt
Made of many different grains and other staple foods, bread of various kinds has been the foundation of life in many cultures and times. We'll set a worship table of Thanksgiving for all that is good in our lives with dynamic song, story, and a bread communion. All are invited (but not required) to bring a bread from their own family culture. That could mean an old family recipe or the wonder bread you ate as a child, or a special gluten-free loaf, and lots of other options in between. If you choose to bring bread, please arrive a few minutes early to help label and set it ready for the communion.

November 25: Leaving Home & Coming Home
Rev. Dr. Neal R. Jones
Music: Dr. Vincent Craig
UUs are people of the open road. We typically envision our spiritual journeys as leaving the traditional and the familiar. Yet Thanksgiving is a time of homecoming. Maybe leaving home and coming home are more deeply intertwined in our spiritual journeys than we think.