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July 29: Reclaiming Prosperity
Gabrielle Kennedy
As we face the major questions of our era, religious liberals in this nation are asking "Who are we?" and "Who defines that?" and "How are we going to be together?" Let's explore if prosperity is a concept Unitarian Universalists can reclaim as part of our identity as we enter the days to come.

August 5: Mexico
Megan Mathieson
Music: Rachel Lee, piano
In May of this year, Megan went on a trip with Borderlinks to visit the Mexican-Guatemalan border as well as our US border with Mexico. Join us as she shares her experience in the borderlands.

Megan is a third-year seminarian at Lancaster Theological Seminary and a member of UU Gettysburg. Megan, her wife, and their family live in East Berlin, PA. She currently serves as summer minister at UU Sterling, VA and will complete a full-time ministerial internship at UU Frederick, MD during the 2018-2019 school year.

August 12: Reclaiming Sabbath
Rev. Libby Smith
"Just to be is a blessing," said Rabbi Abraham Josha Heschel. But in our fast-paced world with its expectation that we be plugged in and ready to respond at a moment's notice, we have lost the art of "just being." Why is "remembering the Sabbath" the one commandment we consistently ignore?

Rev. Libby Smith was ordained in 1992 and has served congregations in Rockport, MA, Warrington, PA, and Langhorne, PA. Now retired from congregational service, she does occasional adjunct work for the Central East Region of the UUA and enjoys the chance to do pulpit supply and rites of passage on request.

August 19: Religious Freedom
Rev. Andrew Weber
Music: Keith Herron, trumpet
Rev. Andrew recently returned from a two-week walking pilgrimage through Transylvania, the heartland of our free faith. Let us remind ourselves of those who came before us to ensure our right to worship and believe as we determine true. And let us be in solidarity with those who continue to labor for their right to openly and safely practice their faith as they choose.

August 26: Something There Is That Doesn’t Love a Wall
John Smith
Music: Schrödinger’s Cats
Walls come in many flavors. They are protectors, imprisoners, carriers, and barriers. Throughout history, we have built them in physical space – and in our hearts too. Do we have the courage to look at what we have wrought?

John Smith is a longstanding member of the MLUC congregation. Together with his wife Susan, he has been engaged for many years in the life of the church and the larger community.