Unitarian Universalists for Reproductive Justice

Many people have no choice when it comes to these most basic of human rights:

  • To have or not have children
  • To raise their family in a safe and healthy environment
  • To express their sexuality without fear of oppression

Reproductive Justice addresses these inequities, believing these rights should not be determined by your race, gender, income, or sexuality, and encompasses reproductive healthcare and the availability of services, as well as rights and legislation.

UU's for Reproductive Justice (UURJ) at MLUC provides education and training sessions for escorting at Planned Parenthood Clinics, and currently provides approximately 15 escorts at the clinics each week. There are also movies and speakers throughout the year.

The UUPLAN (Unitarian Universalists of PA Legislative Advocacy Network) Reproductive Justice Team consists of UU's across Pennsylvania, and partners with different RJ organizations such as Planned Parenthood and PA RCRJ (PA Religious Coalition for Reproductive Justice). Together, they work on advocacy with state and federal legislators on RJ issues. Currently, they are working on the PA Agenda for Women's Health and preparing for a lobby day.




UUs for Reproductive Justice at MLUC
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UUPLAN Reproductive Justice
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