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MLUC Auction 2018: Saturday, November 3rd


Donor's Name:
Today's Date:

Need an idea? Here are some auction items that are especially successful:

  • Vacation Home
  • Dinner Party
  • Tickets to an Event
  • Homemade Delicacies
  • A Unique Service
  • A Group Outing

And some ideas that aren’t so successful…best to leave these at home:

  • Used furniture/equipment    
  • Workshop/kitchen utensils
  • Flea market items
Description of Proposed Donation:
Estimated Value:
If offered more than once, how many?:
Is minimum bid to be imposed (Y/N)?:
If so, how much?:

All proposals will be reviewed by the auction committee to determine suitability for placement in the auction. Space and/or time limitations will govern acceptance along with redundancy. Hence, not all donations may be accepted for these reasons.

Donations are valid for one year, 11/3/2018– 11/3/2019

Questions? Email Gene Ramsbottom: