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Ted Ellis2012-10-05 Fishing sequence1 2v2composite3 16x24v2TEDWEB

Installation: December 21 - January 25

Ted Ellis is a well-known physical therapist hailing from Radnor. However, he is also a skilled photographer, who is sharing his love of photographing birds with us in the Fireside Room. Mr. Ellis’ interest in photography piqued in 2005, when he began photographing his then high school children playing lacrosse, basketball, soccer, and baseball. By 2007, his passion to capture the moment progressed as he began photographing hummingbirds, and then bald eagles. Since these early days, Mr. Ellis has developed a strong photographic style emphasizing detail, action, and artful composition.

In 2013, Ted self-published his first photography collection, Bald Eagles and Eaglets, a collection of images about a mated pair of bald eagles. More of Ted’s work can be viewed at His show includes images of Bald Eagles, Snowy Owls, Atlantic Puffins, and Ruby Throated Hummingbirds. 

Fireside Room Hours:    9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday,  
9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Sunday

Past Exhibits

Center for Creative Works (November 25 - December 14)

Ruth Wolf (October 19 - November 23)

Pam McLean Parker (September 5 - October 12)

Visual Arts Group Made You Look (July 5 - August 31)

Noah Addis: Future Cities (June 1 - 29)

Members Art Show (May 1 - June 6)

Nancy Agati (April 2 - April 27)

Mark Mellett (February 26 - March 31)

Select Invitational Show and Fabric of Peace Quilts (January 17 - February 23)
Featuring paintings by Leslie Bowen, Giuliana Calabi, Mary Kane, Sandi Neiman Lovitz, and Valetta

ArtWell Group Exhibit (December 7 - January 12, 2014)

Laszlo Bagi: Almost All Trees (October 27 - December 1)

Betsy R. Miraglia: Paper / Print / Collage (September 15 - October 20)

Members Art Show (May 4 - September 8)

Amie Potsic: Made in China and Endangered Seasons (March 21 - April 28)

ARTsisters: Recycled, green art (February 16 - March 17)

Dumpster Divers: Upcycling Trash to Treasure (January 5 - February 10, 2013)

Emmy Lou Packard: Retrospective presented by her son Don Cairns (November 25 - December 31)

Kassem Amoudi: Narrative figure and color field paintings (October 13 - November 18, 2012)

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