Offering Outreach - Hurricane Relief

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Offering Outreach for January 2017hurr

In response to the devastation of Hurricane Matthew in October 2016, the UUSC (Unitarian Universalist Service Committee) is partnering with a respected Haitian relief organization, GARR (Groupe d' Appui au Repatries et Refugie's), to provide humanitarian assistance for marginalized groups overlooked by other relief efforts. This includes cholera awareness and prevention, livelihood support and human rights training for repatriated and stateless refugees living in camps at the Haiti-Dominican Republic border in Anse- a- Pitres, Haiti.

The United Nations has already called Matthew “the largest humanitarian event” in Haiti since the 2010 earthquake and warns that more than 4 million children are threatened by cholera and other waterborne diseases.

Despite efforts to relocate camp dwelling populations, when Hurricane Matthew struck, there were 750 individuals, including hundreds of children, living in tents and other temporary structures at Anse-a- Pitres. All of the shelters were destroyed or severely damaged. Shelter, food, medical care and drinking water became even more scarce than before.

GARR works alongside another UUSC partner, Zanmi Timor, to support recently deported minors at the Haiti- Dominican Republic border in Belledere, Haiti. GARR runs the only shelter where unaccompanied minors are given food, shelter, medical attention and psycho-social support.