Living Our Mission Summit Recap

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Last weekend at the Living Our Mission Summit, more than 60 members of this congregation began the process of imagining a bold future for our church, grounded in our mission.

Based on MLUC’s culture and history, the Summit participants developed 7 initiatives, to respond to this framing statement: “MLUC’s living out our mission commits us to ….” Those initiatives and the Action Group leaders are:

1. Diversify our Congregation: Provide programming for a more diverse congregation
Group leader: Rick Joers ()

2. Serve Our local Community: Develop a sustained, cohesive plan for serving the needs of our local community through social action
Group leader: Gail Burgess ()

3. Engage Our Children, Youth, and Families:  Encourage children, youth and their families to join MLUC and participate more deeply, including through religious education and support
Group leader: Pam Kosty ()

4. Spread the Word: Become better known and understood in the community, both as a church and as a faith
Group leader: Rob Eames ()

5. Inspire Our Members: Stimulate greater and deeper congregational participation in church activities
Group leader: Neal Jones  ()

6. Strengthen Our Leaders: Develop leadership capacity to support the increasingly complex activities of a growing congregation
Group leader: Terry Dixon ()

7. Fund Our Mission: Encourage increased generosity and stewardship so that we have the necessary funds to support our mission
Group leader: Roderick Wolfson ()

Please add your voice to the ongoing dialogue on how MLUC will live its mission. If you'd like to learn more or join a group, please stop by the Atrium table after both services on this Sunday, or connect with one of the Mission Task Force’s Action Group leaders listed above. The deadline for signing up is Sunday, October 2, so we can complete the work of the Action Groups by November 15.