Iran: The Tale of a Complex Nation

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EnghetaSunday, February 10, 1:00 p.m., McGinness Room

Justice in the Middle East will sponsor, "Iran: The Tale of a Complex Nation." Susanne and Nader Engheta, originally from Iran, will review Iran's political and religious composition in the 20th century and its effect on the world's current affairs. The history of oil, the roots of the 1979 revolution, the rise of religious fundamentalism, and the current social and political atmosphere among Iranians within Iran and abroad will be discussed.

Susanne came to the United States in 1977 for her education. When signs of revolution became evident, she was hopeful for democracy. But once the revolution fell into the hands of the religious leaders, all hope for democracy was lost. Susanne remained interested and immersed in the history as well as the current affairs of Iran. She has been active in educating others about Iran's religious and political culture in the Main Line School Night.

Nader, a professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania, is well-read and interested in Iranian political and social movements. 

Together, they will present the issues that affect the lives of the people in Iran, especially those secular intellectuals who have no voice and remain unknown to most of the world.