Get Involved! MLUC Committees, Groups, and Activities

The following is a comprehensive list of current opportunities to get involved at the church. If interested in any of these projects, simply get in touch with the contact person listed. If you see something missing, email with the name and contact person for your group.

Get Involved

A. Church Committees
B. Sunday Volunteers
C. UU Social Action Organizations
D. MLUC Social Action Groups
E. Religious Education 
F. Choirs
G. Capital Campaign Committees
H. Annual Events

A. Church Committees/Groups

Committee on Ministry Health (Diane Kyker, )

Membership Committee (Anne Brandt, )

Green Sanctuary Committee (Rick Joers, )

Social Action Leadership Team (Robert Batt, )

QC2 (Nancy McDowell, )

Worship Committee (Terry Dixon, )

Small Group Ministry Steering Committee ()

Visual Arts Group (Mary Kane, )

Used Bookstore (Leslie Bass, 

Insight Book Group (Eileen Andrews )

Music Committee (Marile Marshall, )

Media Services (Peter McDowell, )

Finance Committee (Carl Stevens, )

Personnel Committee (Don Walker, )

Endowment Committee (Michael Daley, )

Nominating Commitee (Ingrid Deckman ()

Building & Grounds (Dave VanOcker, )

Memorial Service Hospitality (Assunta Becker, )

Jazz & Joe (Pilar Poal, )

Folk Sings (Marile Marshall, )

Worship Visuals (Claudia McBride, )

Small Group Ministry (Jennifer Campbell, )

B. Sunday Volunteers

*email the contact person listed if interested in volunteering

Ushers - Assist with the logistics during Sunday Services. Being an usher requires some training, which is available for interested volunteers. Ushers hand out programs, assist with seating needs, control the doors once the service has started, collect and count Outreach Offering contributions, and count the attendance. (David Hucker, )

Greeters - Greet visitors and members as they enter the church on Sundays (Linda Farr, )

Welcome Table Volunteers - Welcome visitors to MLUC. Welcome table volunteers greet and orient first-time visitors, direct individuals to pamphlets about Unitarian Universalism and church programs, and register visitors interested in signing up for our mailing list. (Nina Selsor, )

Green Stripers - Maintain environmentally sustainable practices. Green Stripers assist during the Sunday morning coffee hours, ensuring that paper/plastic waste is kept to a minimum. (Mary Kane, )

Summer Worship Leaders – lead services during the summer while MLUC ministers are away. Rev. Neal .

C. UU Social Action Organizations

• Unitarian Universalist Pennsylvania Legislative Action Network (UUPLAN) - a nonpartisan group whose members get involved in the political and legislative process to try to ensure that state legislation is in accordance with Unitarian Universalist Principles.

• Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) - a nonsectarian organization that advances human rights and social justice locally, nationally, and globally.

• Unitarian Universalist College of Social Justice (UUCSJ) – an organization focusing on experiential learning and coordinates social justice trips around the world for adults and youth.

D. MLUC Social Action Groups

*email the contact person listed if interested in joining a group

Green Sanctuary
Rick Joers ()
Implements the UUA requirements to be recognized as a green church, hosting events and educating the community on topics like energy, global warming, and ethical eating.

Racial Justice and Immigration Reform
Lisa Jochum, Dilip Kumar ()
Promotes a greater understanding of racial oppression and inequities related to immigration to dismantle racism.

Interfaith Hospitality Network
Bob Batt ()
The Interfaith Hospitality Network assists homeless families and helps them with training, employment, housing, meals, and child care in a network of local religious communities. Three times a year, MLUC hosts families at the church for two weeks.

Justice in the Middle East
Gene Ramsbottom ()
Justice in the Middle East (JME) works to promote justice in Israel and Palestine with regularly scheduled discussions, films, presentations, and speakers.

Offering Outreach
Trevor Drake ()
The Offering Outreach program directs half of the congregation’s Sunday collection to a different charitable or nonprofit organization each month. Members nominate organizations that demonstrate values in line with Unitarian Universalism.

Partner Church
Bonnie Marzolf ()
Jane LaMotte ()
MLUC signed a covenant with our Partner Church in Várfalva, Transylvania, Romania (a historic Unitarian site) to nurture a partnership based on friendship, respect, and mutual support. The Partner Church Committee communicates regularly with our partners in Várfalva and ensures that the MLUC congregation receives regular reports about their goals, projects, and needs.

Welcoming Congregation
Mary Stromquist
Implements the UUA official program which designates MLUC as a welcoming space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender members and friends.

E. Faith Development Programs

*Email  to get involved

Children's Faith Development Committee

Teaching or Assisting in Faith Development Classes for Children

Faith in Action Sundays

Children's Chapel 

Youth Group Advisors 

Adult Faith Development Committee

Adult Faith Development Classes

Sunday Adult Meditation (Katrina Ogilby, )

F. Choirs

*Contact Dr. Vincent Craig to get involved:

Adult Choir

Men's Choir

Multigenerational Choir

Betsy's Bells (holiday performance)

G. Capital Campaign Committees

Capital Campaign Steering Committee – Chair, Dana Wiley,

Capital Campaign Implementation Team - David VanOcker, ; Rich Fritzson,

H. Annual Events

*If you’d like to volunteer to help organize an event, email .

November Auction - Raise money for the church via a themed silent and live auction (Gene Ramsbottom,

Holiday Workshop – celebrate the holiday season, donate, buy, sell, and create gifts

Fall Community Day – spruce up the building, rake leaves, and meet others in the MLUC community

MLK Jr. Day of Service - Team up with local UUs and other organizations for a variety of service projects throughout Philadelphia.

Labor Day Retreat – Relax and enjoy family activities with other members (Peter McDowell, )

Environmental Care Project - Join other church members and friends to help care for our Earth.

Social Action Fair – Learn about new and established Social Action groups at MLUC

Anne Brandt,