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Together, we transform lives through love, service, and our welcoming faith.

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August 19: Religious Freedom
Rev. Andrew Weber
Music: Keith Herron, trumpet
Rev. Andrew recently returned from a two-week walking pilgrimage through Transylvania, the heartland of our free faith. Let us remind ourselves of those who came before us to ensure our right to worship and believe as we determine true. And let us be in solidarity with those who continue to labor for their right to openly and safely practice their faith as they choose.

August 26: Something There Is That Doesn’t Love a Wall
John Smith
Music: Schrödinger’s Cats
Walls come in many flavors. They are protectors, imprisoners, carriers, and barriers. Throughout history, we have built them in physical space – and in our hearts too. Do we have the courage to look at what we have wrought?

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Latest News

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07 August 2018 Views: 26

Faith Development Registration

07 August 2018

MLUC Presents... Marx in Soho

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MLUC Presents... Marx in Soho

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What's Happening - August

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What's Happening - August

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Living and Dying Well Event

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Living and Dying Well Event

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UU Women & Religion Course

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UU Women & Religion Course

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Mindfulness & Meditation Retreat

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Jubilee Anti-Racism Training

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Jubilee Anti-Racism Training

03 January 2018

Faith Development 2018-2019


Registration is now open for children and youth faith development beginning in September! If you have kids who will participate in our Sunday morning or evening religious education program, please fill out the form ASAP: Register

What's Happening is the monthly church newsletter. Members and friends receive a PDF copy via email. To sign up, email Administrative Assistant, Mary Heil. You can also find a copy posted here in the news section of the website each month. 

Read the August What's Happening Newsletter


See Past Issues

In February, MLUC hosted its first HELLO event. On Wednesday, September 19 at 7:00 p.m., we will again play HELLO - a conversational game about living and dying well. This interactive game helps participants clarify and articulate the values behind their healthcare decisions. Our Parish Nurse, Jan Cauffman is a trained HELLO facilitator and will host this event. Mark your calendar and join other MLUC members in breaking the ice on this delicate topic. Email to sign up.

Learn how to play the game here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2SRn8WjDCg.33989909176 f920d41bca z 600x

Come Meet Isis, Lilith, Kuan Yin, Spider Woman... And Many More!   quanyin
Rise Up and Call Her Name, the UU Women & Religion course offering a fascinating journey into the sacred feminine around the world and throughout time, will be offered this coming church year.  

Rise Up travels through Africa, Asia, and the Americas to meet goddesses and explore their earth-based traditions. The curriculum includes both artistic and intellectual tools to help women develop fresh perspectives and deeper spirituality, inspired by their diverse foremothers. Each session features a variety of activities such as storytelling, ritual, hands-on crafts, personal sharing, music, dance, and chants.  

The course will meet monthly, beginning Wednesday, September 19, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Interested participants may register here. Questions may be directed to Nuala Carpenter or Eileen Andrews. Blessed Be!





RUNNING FOR Committee On Ministerial Health – Trish Brandon
Trish joined MLUC in 2016 when she moved to the area with her husband. Being an active and passionate UU for 27 years made proximity to a UU church a priority in deciding where to live. Trish has been involved in church life at MLUC in various ways. She participated in the Church Summit, a Small Group Ministry, promoted the book “Toxic Charity,” led a discussion group on it, and helped develop Guidelines for Service for MLUC outreach. She initiated several potlucks and volunteered in some church events and programs.

Trish loves children. She taught elementary school before taking time off to be with her own children and then became the DRE at the Unitarian Church of Harrisburg for 15 years. As DRE, she took advantage of training and educational opportunities for DRE professional development, including leadership development, development of Covenant of Right Relations, policy governance, anti-racism, as well as those related to children and youth. She was also active in social justice initiatives.

Trish’s biggest pride and joy is her growing family, which in addition to her husband, includes three wonderful sons, a daughter-in-law and one soon to be daughter-in-law, as well as 73 others including her mother, siblings, in-laws, nieces, nephews, grandnieces and grandnephews. She also has an energetic 2 year-old German Shepherd who makes sure she goes for lots of walks.

RUNNING FOR BOARD – Carolyn Jaegerc2
In 1976 Carolyn and her husband Wolfgang walked into a Unitarian church in Wayland, MA. “It wasn’t long before we knew we had found our spiritual home. Unitarian Universalism with its focus on compassion and justice is one of the most important life-shaping experiences we share,” she notes. After moving to Pennsylvania, they became members of MLUC after sampling other UU churches in the area. “We love being part of MLUC’s diverse community, which continues to have a powerful impact on our values, our personal growth, and the quality of our lives.” 

Both are active MLUC volunteers. Carolyn currently chairs the Legacy & Endowment Committee, which led the 2017 effort to establish the MLUC Legacy Circle in order to encourage bequests to our congregation. Carolyn is recently retired from a position in planned giving. The Legacy & Endowment Committee has afforded the opportunity to use her professional experience to serve an organization that means a lot to her. She’s also a member of the Finance Committee, a substitute teacher in the Pre-K RE class, and part of the team charged with planting and maintaining the landscape at MLUC, and a veteran Green Striper.

Craig has been a member of the Main Line Unitarian Church since 1991 after moving with his wife, Linda, and son, Wil, from St. Louis, where they were active in an historic UU congregation. An intern minister in St. Louis had provided the demographics for six UU congregations in the Philadelphia area and they chose MLUC primarily because of the church school program for Wil.

Getting settled at MLUC Craig began by volunteering for and participating in the RE programs as a Sunday School teacher and as a member of the Adult Education committee. He was also a youth advisor and a member of the Youth committee which he ultimately chaired. In Philadelphia he was fortunate to have the opportunity to create, from scratch, a 20+ person department of toxicologists and product regulatory specialists dealing with regulations from EPA, FDA and OSHA, for the largest French chemical company. Throughout his career, Craig had the opportunity to extensively travel throughout Europe and had many trips to Asia. 

Currently at MLUC Craig has developed a passion for social action. He is the MLUC representative for the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee and is active in Racial Justice and Good Government issues.

Bruce has been an active MLUC member since 1991: teaching church school classes: Coming of Age, Our Neighboring Faiths, and OWL; he chaired the Adult Religious Education committee for several years, and organized justice work in New Orleans for church members in 2005. Bruce was elected to the Board of Trustees in 2013 and served as the church’s interim administrative director in 2016. He currently participates in Small Group Ministry and the Men’s Support Group. Bruce has one son, Ben, who is 29. Bruce met and married his wife Jenny Campbell at MLUC in 2012. After 30 years working as a computer systems analyst, Bruce went back to school and in 2009 received his master’s degree in social work.

I joined MLUC in Oct 1970. I have had many church responsibilities throughout these many years. Chaired many committees, art show, Sunday Services, Fund Drive, etc. I was Church President in 1979, my name was then Carol Agnew. Subsequently, I served on the Treasurer Committee and more recently the Personnel Committee for many years. 


I joined the church because I thought my children needed a religious identity. Well, the church has become a "positive force" in my life. My community, as I call MLUC, has helped me develop my talents and has given me a chance to "try myself" in all sorts of ways. My participation has enabled me to stretch the limits of my abilities, and I have developed many caring and wonderful friends.

I was married for 17 years, single for 17 years, and now happily married to Harvey for the last 24 years. My children are happy adults. My daughter works for an NGO, PIRG (Public Interest Research Group), in Boston, Mass. My son has a business in Los Angeles, CA, and he and his wife have given me my only grandchild, Wesley, who is 9 years old.

After my divorce, I became an insurance agent, earning my CLU and CHFC. This career continued until 1992 when I joined Marshall Levine's new company, Alpha Scientific. I retired in 2009 after my grandson was born.

RUNNING FOR BOARD – Jess Michael c4
In 2013, Jess moved from Washington DC, where she had been teaching 5th and 8th Grade OWL for 4 years at UUCA (Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington). She came to Main Line Unitarian Church looking to continue teaching and jumped into the 8th Grade OWL team immediately. Jess became a full member of the church in 2014. Since then, Jess has continued to teach 8th Grade OWL each year. She participated in the Church Summit weekend and Action Groups in 2016. She is currently in a Small Group and spoke at a service last year about her experiences with SGM. In addition, Jess joined the Membership Committee, coordinating staffing for the Welcome Table and other committee projects.

Professionally, Jess spent most of her career working in Management Consulting, primarily in Product and Technology Delivery, working on all types of products, leading large and small teams. She moved to the Philly area to take a role at an eCommerce company as a Technology Delivery and Product Management executive, and has since done another stint in consulting, working locally on an AI based customer support tool. Jess also provides free tech support to family and friends.

Jess’ other interests include running, reading, visiting with her nieces and nephews (she has 10!), and being an avid Star Wars fan.

Exploring Practices: A Day of Mindfulness & Meditation
Saturday, May 5, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Sponsored by the Pathway of Spiritual Maturity This spring MLUC is excited to host educator, Lelia Calder, who will lead a meditation retreat designed to explore a variety of mindfulness and meditation practices. The day will include traditional silent meditation, chanting, and movement for participants at all levels. $20 suggested donation/$10 lunch (optional) For information contact Nuala Carpenter

To register, print and return this form.


Jubilee Anti-Racism Training 
Friday–Sunday, March 2–4 | Led by facilitators from the Central Eastern Region of the UUA

Do you wish to nurture our multicultural future in the face of opposing cultural currents? Do you wish to deepen your understanding of how race and ethnicity play out in our institutions and our daily lives? Jubilee Anti-Racism Training helps participants understand what is involved in nurturing a multicultural community and working against racism in all of its forms.


  • To develop a shared analysis of racism and its individual, institutional, and cultural manifestations
  • To begin to apply this common understanding to the history, culture, and institutional structure of our congregation, and to envision next steps

The training includes presentations, discussions, videos, exercises, small group work, worship services, and shared meals.

The workshop requires a weekend commitment, and it is worth every minute. The cost for this workshop  is $155 - assistance with this cost is available if desired (email ).


Register here by February 19.